Is your horse a mirror to your soul?

Life comes in waves. There’s good moments and there’s bad moments. Highs and lows. There are moments that take your breath away and moments that make it hard to even breathe. Horses, at one point in my life, were my constant. The barn was a rock for me and I found my balance through riding in more ways than one.

It has been years since I’ve ridden consistently and lately I feel a stronger pull towards it. One lesson I’ve learned through my journey with ProChaps and through the witnessing of so many amazing human/horse partnerships across social media is that horse’s can provide us with so much and ask for very little in return.

When a passion balances your physical and mental self the way riding does for many of us, do not abuse of it. Respect the balance by taking care of you horse’s mental and physical well being. Put yourself first by putting your horse first. They are, at the end of the day, a strong reflection of what is going on inside of each and every one of us equestrians. What is your mirror telling you?