Like a Second Skin

ProChaps provides innovative, premium quality chaps designed to fit like a second skin. We carry 35 different sizes in two different styles of half-chaps and 25 different sizes in our full-chap. We can assure you we will offer you a custom like fit quality that will retain its durability overtime regardless of how often you ride.

Our products are breathable, compress the leg to allow for increased blood circulation and provide a perfect fit with zero break-in period from day one. More-over, the products are water repellent and ventilated with hundreds of micro-perforations which ensure the leg remains dry at all times. A tried and true quality with immeasurable support for one of your most important tools; the leg.

With a deep-rooted passion for horses, and being riders ourselves, ProChaps is dedicated to providing you with the best products to enhance your riding experience.

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We offer almost custom fit full and half chaps in only 2-3 simple measurements.

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