“Working with horses gives us the opportunity to return to a primal, nonverbal state of awareness. Without the interference of language, we reconnect with the energy shared among all life forms. The connection is palpable and immediate. We learn how to find it, focus it, and let it fly.”

– Allan Hamilton, Zen mind, Zen horse.


We love horses and riding is our passion.

With a deep-rooted passion for horses, and being riders ourselves, ProChaps is dedicated to providing you with the best products to enhance your riding experience.

Currently we offer one thing, and one thing only: CHAPS!

Each ProChaps product is made to fit like a second skin in only 2-3 simple measurements. They are classically unique, each with their own distinctive look and a custom like feel. Our products redefine the purpose of legging equipment by replacing traditional materials with innovative hybrid composites.

Horseback-riding is all about contact and connection. Body language is key and the leg is one, among others, of the most important tools when communicating with your horse. Legging equipment can be central in developing a strong relationship between horse and rider.

Offering long-lasting quality, our products are breathable, compress the leg to allow for increased blood circulation and provide a perfect fit with zero break-in period from day one. More-over, the products are water repellent and ventilated with hundreds of micro-perforations which ensure the leg remains dry at all times. A tried and true quality with immeasurable support for one of your most important tools; the leg.

ProChaps was founded in 2010 by Jean Larivee, and is now run by Emelie, his daughter, who took over the company in 2017.

Happy trails!

Hey, I’m Emelie and I run ProChaps.


Hi, I’m Emelie and I’m the owner of ProChaps, a family-run business founded by my father Jean Larivee in 2010.

I was introduced to horses at a very young age and, like many of us, fell quickly in love with their magic and beauty. Horses were everywhere. My friends rode horses, my parents rode horses and even my parents? friends rode horses. If I wasn?t riding a horse, I was drawing and reading about them.

One of my very first (and also fondest) memories is of my father, founder of ProChaps, lifting me on to his big beautiful Bay horse at a time when I had barely learned to walk myself. The lifestyle quickly became organic to me as I learned the ins and outs of what it takes to be a compassionate and true equestrian.

My father, Jean Larivee, was a true horseman himself. He adopted an off the track thoroughbred? as his first horse and worked very hard to give him the best life possible. My own passion for horses stems directly from the way I was raised around them. Coaches, friends and family each have had an impact on the way I see horses and the sport today. The horse, before anything else, is our friend, a teammate. This is the message personified by our brand and something I hold near and dear to my heart.

The designer of our chaps is also a member of our family. France Grenier, the sister in law of Jean, travelled from barn to barn in the early stages of product development figuring out exactly what was missing in chaps from riders themselves. France worked as a ski suit designer prior to embarking on her journey within the equestrian market. Her unique understanding of sports and the importance of equipment ensured that the design of our chaps would not only look great but would feel great as well.

While Jean and France worked hard to bring the chaps to market I personally spent time completing university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Upon graduation I was at a loss when it came to mapping out my future. I worked various jobs trying to find something that I could align with, something I was passionate about.

As the hardships and realities of the real world sunk in, I found myself drifting further from the one thing I loved most – the horse. The magical feeling that once drew me to horses faded as I lost touch with what had always grounded me.

A turning point came when I started working for ProChaps a few years after graduating from university. Working alongside my father and France, I learned about business while building a brand in total alignment with my passion for horses.

The truth is, every human will experience hard times in life and, more specifically, hard times in their riding careers. Times that make us even question why we started riding in the first place… but the love of the horse is what always calls us back to the barn, balancing us in trying times.

This is what ProChaps is all about. We do not care about what type of rider you are or what kind of horse you own.

What we care about is providing you with a product that will meet all your needs as an equestrian so that you can spend more time focusing on what’s most important… loving your horse.

Welcome to our community and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Jean Larivee, Founder of ProChaps.

France Grenier, ProChaps Designer.

Many horses will remain victims of our hegemonic culture of horse training unnecessarily. We can, instead, approach the horse with gentleness, respect and compassionate herd leadership.

– Missy Wryn