What YOU and HORSES taught me in the past year.

I thought it would be appropriate as one of my first to blogs to reflect on some lessons I have learned whilst growing with ProChaps. 2016 and 2017 (and into 2018) were and are years in which I truly have noticed a shift in our industry. Being very classic in nature for many years, the equestrian industry took some time to  embrace the horse as a teammate and not just a means to an end. People like @missyhorsemare taught me about concepts such as ?hegemony? within the equestrian industry which basically translates to the idea that horse?s, for too long, have been used as tools. Tools we told what to do regardless of how they felt.

In recent times, however, this concept of hegemony in our community is beginning to dissipate. As we debunk the idea of inflicting pain on a horse as a humane training method we open up a new world within our industry. Across social media are examples of the types of humans and horses that our changing our community for the better. It is amazing to see the shift.

I believe we should be grateful for this evolution and do everything in our power to keep the positive momentum going. ?Many horse?s are and will remain victims of our hegemonic culture of horse training unnecessarily. We can approach horses with gentleness, respect, and compassionate herd leadership.? – @misshorsemare

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