We have been subject to extreme hate on a regular basis since our Equestrian YouTube channel started to grow 3 years ago.

In honour of Mental Health Day, a ProChaps customer and social media influencer Laura, of DaybyDayVlogs, tells us a little bit about her (and her daughters) journey(s) with online and offline bullying.

“Bullying and hate on social media is an all familiar thing for us. It happens daily and usually for no reason at all but for someone having a different opinion and feeling the need to express it in a hateful manner. We have been subject to extreme hate on a regular basis since our YouTube channel started to grow 3 years ago.

While the hate and bullying we receive can still be overwhelming I have learned a few things to make it manageable. At first I thought people deserved to be heard and have an opinion. Now I know that the only way to succeed is to ignore and block the hate. Since we started deleting hate and blocking the haters things have actually turned around on a massive level. We have been able to eliminate so much of the negativity.

Freeing ourselves from this cycle of mean comments and hateful opinions has opened us up to being ourselves more then ever. Living our life our own way. Our horses have such a calming effect in our lives. It’s another coping mechanism for us. No matter how frustrated you feel at a situation, 5 minutes of stall mucking and all you feel is peace!”

Such wise words. I wanted to end off this short blog with my own thoughts regarding mental health. We all struggle as humans and it is important to remember this when we communicate with one another. I suggest always taking a step back before intentionally trying to hurt another’s feelings – it is never worth the negative energy. Moreover, I also suggest being kind to our own selves. The mind is a tricky thing and like any other muscle we work out – the mental muscle is something that needs appropriate (and daily) work. Be compassionate with yourself – sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Be the observer of your thoughts and always remember you are not them . You can always make the choice to move beyond negative thinking by recognising the thought before it snowballs and course correcting by choosing a positive thought. Your brain will thank you for this and with routine work – the negative thoughts tends to drastically diminish.

Here are some books I highly recommend checking out:

Super Attractor- Grabrielle Bernstein

Unthered Soul – Michael Singer

The 4 agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

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