I ride in daily and directly and publicly endorse your product.?I’ve found none better!?

As always, it was wonderful to again visit with you directly.? I ride in daily and directly and publicly endorse your chaps.? I’ve found none better!? Emily Hunter, our newest apprentice trainer will return to our central Florida training facility throughout the entire month of March.? I will get her fitted in ProChaps and take a series of photos for use on your website or promotional site.? I will also try to find time in the next couple of weeks to type an endorsement with images for you.? As all Dressage riders, I enjoy my tall riding boots immensely.? However, there is nothing more difficult to walk in or you wouldn’t even think of spraying off a horse.? I usually wear an Ariat Terrain H20 paddock type riding shoe with my ProChaps full-chaps overtop riding breeches.? This combination works fantastic.? Yes, in summer, it gets horribly hot but so do tall boots…which cost me $1400.00 per pair.? This combination works wonderfully for riding, teaching, walking, doing ground work, and spraying off or bathing horses.? Conversely, riding in the winter, which I absolutely flipping hate, is a nightmare.? I can wear a winter paddock boot, thermal long underwear, winter breeches, and ProChaps.? A Dressage rider pulling on tall boots in the winter it is like sliding your foot in a frozen stiff cardboard box.
I will get you photos and the written text within the month.? Stay in touch Emilie!
Go make it a Great day,