Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski

“….as an older rider who has been around horses since the age of 6 years old, I’ve learned many lessons.  While many were exceptionally good learning experiences, just as many were all about, “learning the hard way”.  As I approached adulthood and no longer had Mom and Dad supplying what I needed to continue to pursue my equine passion, the first “hard” lesson I learned was that everything related to being an equestrian was costly!  Furthermore, I also found that if you didn’t invest in quality merchandise, the possibility of product longevity was met with disappointment when “things” just fell apart!  It was plain to see that the cost of having a life with horses came with a high price tag and it was NOT the initial cost of the horse!  It was what went along with years of being responsible for the horse’s well being that added up!  And as such, in addition to the physical care of the horse, monthly boarding, veterinary care, blacksmith visits, etc.; you must “outfit” your horse and that includes tack, blankets, etc. and you must “outfit” yourself and that encompasses a vast array of equestrian clothing and accessories!

So you ask, “How will I help to promote ProChaps?” And that leads me to saying that having discovered ProChaps many years ago, my first pair, the “Fit” style , held up to everyday schooling and and I also purchased the “Fringe” style and they are still in use on rough-terrain-trail-rides and continue to get complements from other riders.  The proof is there – it’s the workmanship that goes into these chaps that is so extraordinary because the fact that they have survived the type of use I describe and still retained their form, function and style – all of the aforementioned are selling points that I feel would appeal to many equestrians.  In a world where even the smallest equine accessory can be expensive, you want your hard earned dollars to go toward a product that lasts.  Moreover, the vast array of sizing options is another point of promotion!  Riders come in all shapes and sizes and and with sizing options that far outnumber the competition’s size ranges, ProChaps really does fit “every body, every time”!  And last but not least, these chaps do have the added benefit of helping the rider keep that ever-important “inside leg” on their horse’s sides!

I believe that the appeal of ProChaps can be re-invented to reach the Professional riders, Amateurs on the A Circuit as well as Pleasure riders.  Therefore, I want to promote fit (sizing), attire that will last (solid workmanship that makes ProChaps stand the test of time), the style aspect (these chaps are beautiful) coupled with the added bonus of  assisting the rider’s position –  And being that I, myself, have years of experience riding in ProChaps I can testify to these claims with conviction!  Moreover, I think that t
he technical climate of our era is one that can be very useful for promotion –  social media, the benefit of utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Blogs, these types of venues will be excellent showcases to present videos such as “unboxing the chaps”, general video and written reviews and photos of riders wearing ProChaps!”
– Cathy Ann
YOUR NAME:  Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski
USERNAME:  Thoroughbred Hunter Lady

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